We are a charitable organization created and staffed by the students of St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Inspired by the work of the Davis Foundation, and their annual peace project competition, we seek to cultivate peace through securing the physical well-being of the people of Nepal.  During the summer of 2010, we propose to provide two rural villages in the Illam and Syangja districts with the means to create sanitation and water treatment facilities.  Through a continuing dialogue held between community leaders and team members, and a focus on education, we will assist in creating a sustainable, culturally-aware and empowering solution to the public-health issues of the region.

The World Health Organization has enumerated universal sanitation and consistently safe drinking water as one of its primary goals.  In Nepal, where only 30% of the population has access to sanitation, and over 10,000 children die per year from diarrhoeal illnesses, this awareness and support of the international community is of vital importance.  That international community starts with you.

It is in recognition of the power of the individual to incite change, and the belief that lasting peace begins with the basic necessities of life, that we christen our effort: Foundations for Peace.  If these first steps in a greater work are to be made, we will need your support.  Peruse the website: ask questions and leave comments,  find out what we are about and tell your friends.  After, if you agree with our ethos, please consider donating.  We have no employee checks to write, and no overhead fees to cover, so 100% of every donation directly attributes to the success of the project.

Our Most Sincere Thanks,

The Students of Foundations for Peace

Illam district, Nepal